Focusing Hybrid IT in the Increasingly Blurry Online Market


Retail customers are more demanding than ever before. Each requires personalized guest experiences across both on-line and physical storefronts. The rapid integration and consistent view of customer information across omni-channel interactions are a driving force behind the new digital economy. To foster relevant and meaningful customer relationships that create positive sentiment, drive loyalty and inspire advocacy; retailers must enable a seamless experience across all touchpoints – online, in-app, on location and especially during customer support phone calls.

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Walk Me to the Car: Why Moving to VoIP Makes Business Cents

Saving money

Have someone call your desk line and let the system route the call to your phone as you walk to your car. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that makes such a process simple and cost effective. We’ve been talking about VoIP a lot recently in posts that discuss how to pick the right path to VoIP and reasons to move to VoIP. Continuing on that theme, this “Walk me to the Car” blog post looks at high level business reasons to consider VoIP for your organization.

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Your network deserves a Farm Team


If you take a look at any Major League Baseball team’s future, you don’t look at the players that are currently in the dugout. They will be there for their allotted time but that time is not forever. Instead, you need to look at the minor league, the farm system, to see what kind of talent is being nurtured and groomed to move the big team successfully into the future.

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Utah State University Realizes Big Savings by Upgrading to VoIP


In a world of rapid change, it is tempting to stick to things that are comfortable and familiar: An old chair, a favorite sweater, a local lunch place. For a business person, the phone on the desk might be one of those familiar things. It’s handy. You know how to use it. It just works.

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Walk Me to the Car: Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Network (SDN)


In this “Walk me to the car” blog post, we address a question that senior business leaders may not even know to ask: “What are Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Network (SDN), and why should I want to know about them?”

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Data-Driven Culture: Enabling Innovation


The idea sounds appealing. Make your organization more data-driven. Use data, also known as facts, to drive decision making and strategy. Organizations that make decisions and measure outcomes based on data are more likely to challenge status-quo and innovate. This kind of innovation is compelling and creates a competitive edge.

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Need Bandwidth? Ride the Wave(length)!


Data is growing at a staggering pace. Every year the stats astound us. In 2013, reports indicated 90 percent of the world’s information had been generated in just two years. Today, Google receives more than 4 million search queries per minute and Facebook users share 2.5 million pieces of content every minute. We’re a plugged-in, data hungry society where customers and employees expect instant access to information. The delivery and consumption of all this information relies on data networks.

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CenturyLink Managed Hosting + HPE = The Perfect IT Equation for your business.


Mathematical theory is almost always consistent. With all other variables, being equal, one plus one equals two. But what happens when you inject cloud, colocation, and high performance networking into the equation? Given this powerful combination, even the experts will acknowledge; One plus one ALWAYS equals three.

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