Practicing Good Cyber Hygiene: Avoid the Dangers of Phishing


In the technology world, it’s important to stay on top of the latest threats. Strong IT security is based on education – always learning, understanding, and preparing the environment for what comes next. In our business, we call it practicing “good cyber hygiene”.

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Thinking a Century Ahead in Digital Network Transformation


In the beginning, telephones were dumb and the switching network was smart. Future thinking network planning was already in the works with signaling system 7 (SS7) network technology. SS7 enables your cell phone text messaging and allows you to take your smartphone almost anywhere in the world. The Internet, on the other hand, was designed for smart devices such as a computer, and the network was dumb. As the Internet transformed to interconnect a slew of smart devices — from mainframes to the Internet of Things (IoT) — the network of the future also evolved or transformed to be ready for what may come.

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Digital Transformation – From Promise to Practice


While the term isn’t new, Digital Transformation is still one of the most important – but least understood – buzzwords in the industry today. Advanced technology is rapidly creating new opportunities for businesses to accelerate growth, enhance customer experiences and drive unprecedented innovation. But sometimes, it’s difficult to turn promise into practice.

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Why Cybersecurity Is a Risk-Management Problem

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Enterprise businesses face a world of constantly changing and growing cybersecurity threats today. But many still make the mistake of viewing cybersecurity as merely an information technology problem. Organizations need to shift their thinking to a strategic risk-management model for cybersecurity. Here’s why risk mitigation is vital in ensuring the success of your enterprise’s cybersecurity strategy.

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Who Are Your Fellow Travelers on the Road to Modernization?


In this blog series, we have been talking about modernizing government IT as a journey rather than event. We have discussed planning as a necessary and sometimes eye-opening step in starting out on the journey. We have noted recent cyber attacks as a wake-up call for getting serious about building cybersecurity into those plans.

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How to Conquer Your Most Common Cloud Challenges


With no centralized management, there’s little to no visibility into resource allocation, performance and costs, with no good way to exert control. This poses challenges for both IT and LOB decision-makers — and makes it almost impossible to optimize cloud deployments. If you’ve been there and done that, you know how valuable it would be to have an overall solution to pull your clouds together under one management umbrella.

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Five Ways to Kick-Start your Digital Transformation TODAY


Global industries are transforming more rapidly than ever before. Sparked by the digital age, businesses can gain significant advantage by aligning now for new customer requirements and fast-moving market conditions.

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Is Your Aging Network Slowing Your Business Down?

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Is your WAN slipping out of your control and slowing down your business? It’s a serious question and many network professionals know what I’m talking about. It’s time for the network to keep up with the rest of IT.

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