Bringing Together the Brightest Minds in Higher Ed IT

Like our stores, offices and homes, the modern campus is a digital hub that connects students and professors and helps create an optimal learning environment. As we encounter new ways to use technology in the classroom, it’s interesting to see the real reasons why colleges and universities are adopting or expanding technology.

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DC CyberTalks: Bringing Top National Cybersecurity Experts Together

It seems every week we hear about a new cyberattack. These malicious events run the gamut, from data breaches to election hacking, making it apparent that every business, government agency, and system in the world is vulnerable.

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Managed Optical Fiber Networks: From Out of Reach to Right for You


Not too long ago, Managed Optical Fiber Networks were only for the few, the massive global organizations with mammoth amounts of data they needed to transport. These organizations also realized that although they were not in the business of managing networks, they wanted to control their networks.   

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Five Mindset Changes After Migrating to the Cloud

I had the pleasure last week of participating in a webcast with Microsoft’s Steve Ross to discuss the challenges and issues many companies face after IT operations have migrated from on-premises to a cloud-based infrastructure. I talk to clients on a regular basis who have been caught off guard by the complexities that are introduced with cloud and hybrid IT operations. After all, wasn’t ease of use one of the benefits of moving to the cloud in the first place? 

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Expand Your Cloud Options with Azure and CenturyLink

Whether you are migrating applications to a public cloud, building a private cloud on premises, or creating a hybrid environment, you have numerous options today for your cloud platform. For a growing number of organizations, Microsoft Azure is a strong contender.

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Driving the Future with a New Kind of Car Company


When driving, it’s important to keep your eyes on the road and maintain a clear view of where you’re headed so you can avoid obstacles and arrive at your destination as quickly as possible. This same philosophy is a driving force at Visteon, a firm that designs and manufactures vehicle cockpit electronics, connected car solutions and an autonomous vehicle platform.

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A World Without Grocery Stores

Imagine for a moment a world without grocery stores. I suspect you’ll find it difficult to do, and with good reason. For most, our earliest childhood memories include being placed in a shopping cart and then whisked through the aisles of our neighborhood grocery store. Add to this, that over the course of their lives, the average American will spend up to 6 full months grocery shopping. Grocery Shopping is so engrained in us that to imagine a world without retail grocery stores is like imagining a world without food!

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Are You Ready for Some Football? The Tampa Bay Bucs Network Is

Labor Day has come and gone. That can only mean one thing: It’s kickoff time for professional football.

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