CenturyLink and Cloudera Expand Alliance Around Big Data


Recently, we announced an expanded strategic alliance with Cloudera  to deliver Big Data as-a-service (BDaaS) – making it easier for organizations to effectively gain value from their data. As a Cloudera Preferred Partner, CenturyLink’s IT Services team is delivering a fully managed big data solution powered by Cloudera Enterprise. The combined big data offering will exponentially speed time-to-deploy Cloudera Enterprise, and simplify some of the management complexities from Hadoop operations. This enables companies to spend more time working with data and generating new insights that drive business growth.

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Solve Branch Networking Issues with SD-WAN


Branch networking has changed very little in the past 20 years. Today’s enterprises are increasingly challenged with how to adapt their existing networks to modern networking demands without a major overhaul of their WAN infrastructure.  The good news is that there is a solution and tackling these challenges may be easier than you think with SD-WAN.

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Multi-Cloud: Understanding the Promise Vs. the Reality

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The multi-cloud paradigm is undergoing the kind of post-hype contrition that so many promising ideas experience once their initial glow starts to fade.  You might think, right, of course it is. Or, you might be wondering, “What is multi-cloud?” No matter. We will explain all. The purpose of this article is to review what multi-cloud was supposed to be and why it hasn’t matured in the way that has been articulated by many thought leaders. At the same time, we will point out how many of the best ideas contained in the multi-cloud concept can be realized through existing cloud technologies.

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3 Major Benefits of Intelligence Led Security


Intelligence Led Security

The word intelligence has become a permanent part of any security related conversation these days. We hear it at every security trade show and conference, and from security vendors. Why is the industry so focused on intelligence and how does it differ from information? What is intelligence led security?

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Manage Better: Hybrid IT Takes Pressure Off Companies Trying To Do It All

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For operating efficiency and cost-effectiveness, many businesses are turning to hybrid IT, an approach comprising a mix of in-house resources, managed hosting, and public and private cloud-based services.

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Phishing for Trouble: Tackling the New IT Security Landscape


IT threats are more complex than ever before. With cyber criminals reaching new levels of sophistication, CIOs must prepare to stay one step ahead of the most recent attack. Companies who fail to build strategic, proactive approaches to IT security now will feel the impact of attacks tomorrow.

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What MiFID II Means for the IT Department in 2016


I wrote previously about what MiFID meant for the IT department and since then we have had the referendum and there are now new considerations to be made by businesses, so I have updated this blog. If you manage IT at an EU-based financial institution, you are likely staring down an onslaught of new rules from the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II).  MiFID II picks up where MiFID I left off in 2007, mandating a new level of compliance for companies that deal in financial instruments such as derivatives. You may wonder what it will mean to you and your IT department.

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Join us: Cyber Security Summit, NYC


IT decision makers: If you’re located in or around New York City on September 21, 2016, you don’t want to miss the upcoming Cyber Security Summit at the Grand Hyatt New York in New York City.   

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