6 Steps to a Successful IT Migration: Data Discovery


It’s impossible to manage anything you cannot see.  That’s the premise behind Step 2 of the IT migration process:  Data Discovery and Collection.  As discussed in an earlier blog, the risk of failure for migration projects is extremely high.  Acting as a stepping stone to future progress – whether it be colocation, hosting or cloud – the cost, efficiency, scalability and availability benefits from a migration are extremely high.  In Step 2, we move onto the next stage – uncovering what you don’t know through Discovery.  

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Balancing Cyber Defense with Business Agility


I’ve been involved with cybersecurity for a while. If you’d asked me ten years ago, “What would you rather be, agile or secure?” I would have thought it was April Fools’ Day. It would be like asking, “What would you rather be – a blond or a pole vaulter?” The relationship between business agility and security was not as well understood as it is now. Business was business. Security was security. They both moved at their own pace. Business wanted to make strategic changes over time but the concept of agility had not yet been elevated to its current all-or-nothing status. Security was serious but the threat environment was nothing like it’s become.

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CenturyLink team wins Proof of Concept competition at MEF16


IT managers are well acquainted with the Proof of Concept (POC) as a milestone in launching any new service or infrastructure configuration. At CenturyLink, we believe the POC is more than a technical step of validation. In a world of Digital Transformations, the POC has strategic importance. The POC brings all the elements of a new service offering, or even a new business model together for the first time and can even serve as a proving ground for early adopter customers.

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DDoS + IoT = Cybersecurity Danger


In this age of connected devices – where everything from cars to coffee pots are going digital – it’s become a matter-of-course to be concerned with security. Analysts estimate there will be more than 200 billion smart wireless devices before the end of this decade. No wonder experts are concerned.

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Multi-Cloud: The New IT Reality


It’s no longer a question of “IF” businesses will adopt cloud computing, but to “what degree”. In the coming years, global organizations will be required to make some tough decisions about existing and future cloud applications and investments. And while demand originated at the business unit, it’s time for IT to adjust to the new cloud reality.

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Why Hybrid Networking is More Important than Ever


By now, most companies understand the concept of Digital Transformation. In fact, IDC predicts 75 percent of large enterprises will adopt “information-based” strategies by 2018. Powering real business change, it stresses the critical nature of technology across all aspects of the business and is introducing new pressures on enterprise IT networking. Competitive advantage today depends on effectively leveraging the new infrastructure and the massive amount of data flowing across it. But digital transformation isn’t a single point in time – it’s a journey.

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CenturyLink + Level 3 = More Opportunity


We announced on October 31 that CenturyLink will acquire Level 3 Communications, Inc. (NYSE: LVLT). The deal, which is expected to close by the end of third quarter 2017, creates what promises to be the second largest domestic communications provider serving global enterprise customers. At the same time, the announcement brought about some questions from our channel alliance partners and customers. In response, I wanted to take a moment to address some of the questions brought to my attention.

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Key Observations from the 2016 Gartner Symposium/ITxpo


Yet another Gartner Symposium/ITxpo is in the books. The annual analyst conference regularly draws several thousand of the industry’s top CIOs and senior IT executives for a week-long event in Orlando. And each year, the show seems get more business-strategy focused – as organizations take a digital-first approach to achieve company goals. This year was certainly no different.

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